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Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

      “A better look” You desire for, this clinic is ready for consultation by cosmetic and reconstructive  esthetic  surgeon specialists, who had years of experience in facial surgery, cosmetic eye surgery, nose augmentation, liposuction andbreast surgery etc. Services are available on appointment.

Examples of  surgeries involved as : forehead,  eyebrows,  eyelids, nose, lips. With recommendations as face lifts, removing sagging skin and fat on the upper or lower eyelids, nose reshaping, breast augmentation or reduction, firming with liposuction or tummy tuck, treatments for wrinkles and crow’s feet, removing wrinkles and tightening the browline and forehead  with collagen injections.
Achieve the beauty you aspire to,  with safety you can trust.  Our team of cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic specialists are experienced in various modern technologies and practices to help you achieve your desire.

  Face Surgery  
  Forehead  lift  (1 night stay ) 120,000
  Total  face lift (2 nights  stay)        150,000
  Neck  lift  (1 night stay) 90,000
  Cheek  lift  (1 night stay) 80,000
  Temporal  lift  (1 night stay) 50,000
  Breast  Surgery  
  Breast  augmentation  (1 night stay) (Standard)      95,000
  Breast  augmentation  (1 night stay) (Tear drop shape)     150,000
  Breast  reduction  (1 night stay) 180,000
  Breast  uplift      (1 night stay)       120,000
  Nose Surgery  
  Augmentation  rhinoplasty 25,000
  Augmentation   rhinoplasty   with  ear cartilage transplant 45,000
  Alareplasty          12,000
  Eyelid  Surgery  
  Double  eyelid  folds  30,000
  Upper  blepharoplasty    30,000
  Lower  blepharoplasty    25,000
  Upper and  Lower blepharoplastys 50,000
Abdomen (Tummy Tuck)
  Abdominal lipectomy (3 nights stay)         160,000
  Liposuction  1 st – 2 nd  Area ( 1 night stay)               90,000
  Next  area   25,000 - 30,000 /  Area

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                  Remark : San Paulo hua-hin hospital reserves the right to change the price without prior notice